As businesses look towards post-pandemic life, many business leaders are trying to figure out how to guide their teams to success best. Though many want to fall back on tried and true methods, the world has changed, and so too many business leaders. It would help if you embraced leadership tactics that better facilitate post-pandemic recovery.

The first key step in recovering after the pandemic is acknowledging all of those around you that things have changed. While it’s perfectly natural to want to jump back into business, as usual, the truth is that all of your employees have dealt with a major sea change and are now looking to you to figure out how to adapt. Understanding and accepting that business as usual cannot resume is a good first step to move forward.

The next step is to look at how you operated during the pandemic. Certain changes were made because they were necessary and certain changes made out of a sense of panic. You need to look at everything and build up new rules and procedures based on what did and did not work. Not only does this put you in a better position next time an emergency occurs, but it also allows you to make the necessary changes to ensure that your business can find something positive to salvage from everything that’s happened recently.

Finally, make sure that you’re willing to find ways to formalize the steps that were taken to make your pandemic-era changes into a reality if they actually benefited your employees. A good leader will certainly realize that employees bore the brunt of the short-term changes, and those few positives they got from experience shouldn’t be taken away just because they don’t line up with old priorities. Figuring out how to give your employees what they need to feel good about returning is a must.

Recovery after the pandemic will be tough, but it will not be impossible. Be honest about the need to change, look at how you operated during the pandemic, and make sure that you’re changing things so that they make sense in light of what came before. If you can do this, you’ll be able to lead your teams more effectively.