Murad Shuqom


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A strategic thinker by nature, Murad Shuqom emigrated to the United States with a single goal in mind: breaking into the industry he was unduly passionate about — motorsports. Shortly after arriving in California, Murad began his pursuit of this dream by working as a local mechanic. Even at this early point of his career, Murad’s iron-clad work ethic and unquenchable thirst for experience and knowledge shone brightly.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

As such, Murad quickly impressed his superiors, earning not only their trust but their admiration as well. Given his character, Murad received complete support from his colleagues as he rose through the ranks, eventually moving on to become a Research and Development Manager Saleen, an American producer of luxury sports cars and various automotive parts.

During his time at Saleen, Murad Shuqom found that his strategic mindset was a fundamental building block to becoming an effective leader, rather than just an efficient manager. Keeping these principles at the forefront of his mind, Murad worked to create an open-minded culture amongst his team, which fostered an appreciation for innovation and never settling for mediocrity.

Although Murad led his team to new heights at Saleen, he felt as though there was still more for him to learn and achieve in his career. With that fact in mind, he stepped into the role of Chief Racing Director at Dime Racing. The goals of this California-based organization largely aligned with Murad’s, as its leadership promoted automotive research, development, the adoption of technological advancements, design, data management, and calibration, among others.

In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Racing Director, Murad Shuqom has made it his mission to encourage those he works with to fearlessly pursue their passions, no matter how intimidating or rocky the road to success may appear. In these instances, he often points back to the feelings of uncertainty he had to overcome as he emigrated to the United States. After all, he did not know if he would accomplish the feat of establishing himself in a new, unknown country — he merely believed he was capable.

With all of that being said, Murad Shuqom created this website with the purpose of relaying helpful career advice to professionals of all ages and levels of experience. Overall, his hope is to continue to encourage others to live out their dreams, even if they must start by taking small steps forward. To learn more about Murad’s perspective, be sure to visit his blog page.